2013 – Year of the abs!

January 6, 2013 in Tips

How to Get Flat Abs

man-and-women-flat-stomachLike the quest for the Holy Grail, many people are on a mission to improve their abs. Luckily, lost abs can be found again with a little bit of effort. These nine simple exercises and lifestyle tips really work

No. 1: Improve Your Posture

Slouch and your stomach pooches. Straighten up, and your tummy looks trimmer without breaking a sweat! For better posture, align your ears over your shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over knees, and knees over ankles. Keep your shoulders open like a shirt on a hanger, not one draped on a peg. Draw your navel to your spine. Not least, keep your weight even on the balls of your feet and your heels.

No. 2: Think Whole-Body Exercise

DSC00300Don’t get so into your abs that you overlook your other muscles. You’ll look better if all your core muscles are firm. That includes your glutes and back muscles. Kettlebell exercises are one way to work all of the core muscles, plus the arms and legs. A Crossfit and Kickboxing class at The Way is perfect!

No. 3: Try the Canoe Twist

Stand upright, feet apart. Lock your fingers to create a solid grip. Exhale, and sweep the hands, arms, shoulders, and chest to the left, as if you were rowing a canoe. At the same time, lift the left knee up and to the right. Inhale and return to the starting position. Exhale and perform the movement to the right. Keep switching sides for 20 reps.

No. 4: Do the Cat Kick

cat kick

Stand with feet together, arms out at your sides like airplane wings. Exhale, and lift the right leg forward and up. At the same time, sweep the arms forward at shoulder level and round your spine, like a cat. The navel should feel as though it’s pressing toward the spine. Inhale, open back up, and return to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Switch between sides for 20 reps.

No. 5: Practice the Pilates Zip Up

Stand upright with heels together, toes slightly turned out. Bring your arms up, hands joined, below the chin. Exhale and press your arms down. Keep your hands and arms very close to the body. At the same time, lift your heels off the ground onto your tiptoes. Hold for two seconds at the “top,” inhale, and return to the starting position. The abs go “in and up” and the arms go down. Do 20 reps.

No. 6: Examine Your Diet

lean meat n veg

You can do ab exercises until the cows come home. But if you’ve got extra belly fat, your strong abs won’t show. To budge the belly fat, you have to look at what you eat and how active you are. Eat less and move more, and make good-for-you food choices. Think lean protein and veggies, not greasy burgers and fries.

No. 7: Sneak ab exercises into everyday life

Stability balls and Bosu balls, straps and bands, and joining a gym can add zip to a workout. But you can sneak an ab workout into your daily life simply by standing tall and straight and breathing out, while you draw your navel to your spine. Try this when you walk, stand in line at the store, or chat at a party.

No. 8: Set Realistic Goals

rock hard ab cat

Your favorite star’s or athlete’s abs are worth aiming for, but don’t expect to mimic them. Your genes may play a role in your body’s shape. That’s no excuse to give up and head for the cookie jar, of course. Set realistic goals that are focused on your body, not on some perfect image. You’ll wind up both firmer and happier.

No. 9: Take Things Slow

Changing your midriff is a matter of slow and steady progress, not fast fixes. Your road to flat abs may even have some setbacks (hello, holiday eating!). But if you give it time and keep at it, your middle really can go from flab to fab.

The benefits of CrossFit and Martial Arts training

January 6, 2013 in Training information

Bored of the Health clubs? New years resolution already wearing thin?
then maybe it’s time you joined The Way Martial Arts & Fitness programs, combining high intensity crossfit routines with exciting martial arts skills and training, you’ll never set foot in a health club again!
CrossFit is a vigorous workout that combines weigh-lifting aerobics and gymnastics all in one so that you become fit in every area of your game. It prepares you to be functionally fit: to push every aspect of your body to the max so that you’re healthy, strong and in shape so you’re fit to do anything that life throws at you.

MMA includes Kickboxing/Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu training and sparring. Kickboxing/Muay Thai is a standing fighting sport using kicks, punches and strikes and Jiu-jitsu is a system utilising throws, locks and chokes to submit your opponent.


pad training

CrossFit forms the basis of our conditioning here at The Way and is a fast-paced, intense workout that can take less than 15 minutes a day because that quarter of an hour is going to be condensed, nonstop movement. It may only be three or four routines, such as burpees, a jog and squats, but the idea is that you keep doing each one over and over through the set time.
It’s a concentrated shot of exercise and the perfect partner for your Martial Arts training.

Coupled with the pad training drills you’ll learn in Kickboxing and the sparring routines in Jiu-jitsu it provides a great ratio of intensity to skill training.


Effort is the key to any sucessful workout and because you’re working against the clock in the CrossFit and kickboxing pad rounds you reach your goals sooner. The key to CrossFit is the intensity, but hidden in that fact is that you’re inherently pushing yourself to do the most you can through each exercise in the workout.
Everyone wants results, but not everyone puts in the effort. In a regular gym, it’s easy to cheat reps here and there or sneak a longer break than necessary, but because of the time limit and also the motivation to achieve your own personal best time, there’s no option other than to max yourself out.

Short WOWs

If you don’t have the time to spend an hour on the treadmill staring at the wall, the CrossFit Workouts of the Week (WOWs) are what you need. One of the main benefits of CrossFit is that you can be finished in a matter of minutes — literally.
In a span of 15 or 20 minutes, you’ll be asked to complete as many rounds of a specific circuit as you can. By the end of it, because of the aforementioned intensity and effort, you’ll have burned more calories than you would have sleepwalking through a regular workout. Then you’ll move onto the skills training providing the perfect mental and physical workout.
It’s faster and it’s more effective and helps you build a great functional fitness base on which to build your martial skills.



Often times a gym is just a collection of random people focused on doing their own different exercises. At The Way, it’s community.
Since the exercises are done in group workouts, the others often encourage you and help you push your boundaries.
Everyone has the same goal in mind: to get in the best shape possible. Because of that, everyone is on the same team and working for the same goals. The camaraderie at The Way is part of what makes our programs so unique.


The instructors make a huge difference. You didn’t think you were doing these intense workouts on your own, did you?
The Way instructors will teach, motivate and guide you through the workouts and help modify them around your skills.
If you’ve been thinking about signing up for an expensive personal trainer your membership at The Way basically has one included so spend wisely!


crossfit group pic

The workouts are sometimes hard to describe because they are so multidimensional. When you’re doing CrossFit, you’re not just going to the gym to bulk up or to climb steps. This isn’t basic circuit training or boxing it’s a program that mixes many different exercises that push all parts of your body to their limits.

The MMA includes self defence, hand skills, kicks, strikes, chokes, locks, pad work, partner work and sparring.

CrossFit includes Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, sprints, plyometrics and a few other miscellaneous exercises. When you add it all up, you’ll never be disinterested at the gym and your body won’t plateau from repetition.
In the CrossFit workout you are not specializing. It’s constantly changing, which keeps your mind and body from getting bored. The Martial Arts skills you will learn are engaging and interesting so you wont even know you’re getting fit!

Weakness Can’t Hide

Since there are so many different challenging facets to our crossfit and Martial Arts classes none of your weaknesses will be able to hide. If you’re a power lifter who solely focuses on the glory muscles, your endurance, cardio and conditioning will be exposed. If you’re a marathon runner, then you’re going to grow in very different realms.
The goal of CrossFit is not to make you necessarily super-strong, super-flexible or super-fast, but pretty strong, pretty flexible, pretty fast and pretty good at a lot of other things, too. It’s the ultimate jack-of-all-trades workout and nothing gets left behind. The Martial aspects will provide you with exciting sports specific skills, self defence skills, confidence, speed, balance and discipline.

Guys and Girls welcome!

dresses pullup

If you thought that Martial Arts was a guy thing, think again. With the goal of the workout focused around overall physical preparedness opposed to just bulk strength, women are drawn to it.
You’d be surprised to know that the male-female ratios show women as the majority participants, with splits ranging from 60-40 and even up to 70-30.

Why choose Martial Arts over a health club?

January 6, 2013 in general

Why choose martial arts over a health club?

The reality is, Martial Arts Training routines are not easy and fat doesn’t just disappear without any effort. One thing we can promise though is this: “We’ll never let you down!”. Whether you’re training in our Crossfit/Kick boxing classes, Crossfit/Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or Taekwondo classes, we guarantee you’ll get a high energy, dynamic, fat burning, muscle toning workout each and every class to help you reach your fitness training goals.

womens-self-defence1. Self defence

All our programs increase your levels of strength, muscular definition, flexibility, fat loss, and learning the basics for Punching, Kicking, grappling and Throwing and knowing how to punch and kick will definitely give you an advantage over someone who only goes to the Gym. To all the ladies’ women have never been more involved in contact sports than now, you’ll feel right at home the minute you walk into one of our classes.

2.  Two for the price of one!

Martial Arts training at The Way is the perfect combination of getting you to sweat and burn fat while learning the proper way to punch and kick in a friendly group exercise environment.

It’s like a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! In a martial arts class a good trainer will never let you get away with cheating yourself. Those who enjoy a challenge and work hard will always see results.

3.You’re not alone!

Train in a supportive, fun environment and meet like-minded people. Trying anything for the first time can be nerve-wrecking, but there’s no need to get the jitters when attending classes at The Way. Even if you don’t believe it now, you’ll find that everyone there is training for exactly the same reasons. These shared goals provide a supportive network that no gym can match. Here at The Way, the friendly family-like atmosphere will welcome you with open arms rather than leave you to sweat on a treadmill all alone!

You’ll notice our instructors are caring and patient as well as motivating and enthusiastic. They’ll take you from where you are to where you want to go in a very progressive manner. I guarantee you’ll never want to go to the boring gym or aerobics class ever again after you’ve experienced our dynamic workouts.

group kb4. Make friends!

Friends who sweat together stick together, or so the saying goes right? The Way Martial Arts prides itself on its great friendly atmosphere, with a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds, friends, families and partners all support each other in their training.

 5.  Martial arts offers full growth potential

Do you learn something new each time you step on the treadmill? Studying Martial Arts isn’t just about fitness and centimetres, it also helps develop a new sense of self-esteem and confidence, which translates to all aspects of your life, not just when you’re on the mats.

Stay Focused on your fitness resolution!

January 6, 2013 in Tips

Stay Focused on your fitness resolution!


1. Do an activity you enjoy!  And remember, there’s no rule that says you have to go to a health club, try Martial Arts instead!

Instead of an hour staring at the wall of a health club while you slog it out on the treadmill why not join a class instead? Doing an activity which combines both skill and fitness becomes more of a hobby and an enjoyable experience rather than a means to an end. Plus the benefits of exercising in a group setting take us on to the next tip….

2. Commit to another person. “The social aspect of exercise is important for me,” says Jenny Stevens, a stay-at-home mum in Austin, Texas. “I’ll let myself off, but if I’ve agreed to go to class with a friend after dinner, I won’t let them down.”

She is six weeks into an exercise program, thanks in part to her husband’s support. Roy Stevens, who works as a management consultant, has become her “in-house personal trainer.” They work out together every morning, doing a combination of Martial Arts and hiking and if he’s out of town he’ll give her a wake-up call to walk the dog.

3. Make exercise a priority. It has to be a non-negotiable

 There’s another advantage to making exercise non-negotiable. Friends and family members learn that it’s part of your identity, and give up saying things like, “Why don’t you take it easy today?” Start to think of yourself as someone who exercises and soon enough it will become part of who you are!

4. Exercise first thing in the morning.

With two preschool children, Wanda Stevens couldn’t find time to work out except on a hit-and-miss basis. Any number of things could sabotage her good intentions to walk or go to Pilates class after dinner.


 But all her excuses vanished once she started getting up before the kids so she could work out.

“I didn’t think I was a morning person. But it’s working for me.”

5. Or, exercise on your way home from work. The next best thing to exercising first thing in the morning is to do it on your way home from work.

Find a class that fits in with your schedule and don’t go home first. There aren’t a lot of people who are so motivated that after they go home and change clothes will go back out again and exercise.

6. Exercise even when you’re “too tired.” Chances are, you’ll feel better after exercising.

It energizes us. You breathe deeply, and your body makes better use of the oxygen exchange. You’ll get an exercise-induced euphoria during the activity and for some time after.

7. Log your activity. Write down the things that are important to you. It could be how much time you exercise each day, how many steps you walked, how far you ran or cycled, what you weighed, etc.

Some people make a game of it. You may have heard of runners calculating the miles it would take to run from their homes to Boston (home of the famous marathon), figuring how far they run in an average week and setting a target date for “arriving” in Boston.

8. Be aware of all the indicators of progress. It’s great when your clothes fit better and you can lift heavier weights or work out longer without getting exhausted.

But there are a slew of other progress indicators, such as:

  • Getting a good night’s sleep.
  • Thinking more clearly.
  • Having more energy.
  • Realizing your muscles aren’t screaming after you’ve helped a friend move furniture.
  • Seeing your resting heart rate drop over time.
  • Hearing your doctor congratulate you on improved cholesterol, blood pressure, bone density, triglycerides, and blood sugars.

9. Walk — with a pedometer (or a dog). If you enjoy walking and haven’t exercised for awhile, 10 minutes three times a day will give you 30 minutes.

Use a pedometer, and work up to at least 10,000 steps a day. “Nobody starts out with 10,000 steps,” Klein says. Find out what your daily average is, and, the next week, strive to walk 300 extra steps each day. Increase your steps each week.


10. Reward yourself. Are you telling yourself that you don’t deserve a reward for something you should be doing anyway — or that once you can zip your jeans without lying on the bed, that will be reward enough? Well, honestly, how inspiring is that?

Experts say that making behavior changes is hard, and rewards motivate. So decide on a goal and a reward, and work toward it. You might buy yourself a present you’ve wanted after you stick to your fitness plan for one month, or buy new walking shoes when you achieve 5,000 steps a day. Do whatever works for you!

Tuesdays & Fridays are now dedicated Padwork nights at The Way

October 9, 2012 in Training information

 Tuesdays & Fridays are now dedicated Padwork nights at The Way

NEW! Join us to learn and train speed and power techniques. Tuesday and Friday ITF Training sessions at The Way are now dedicated padwork nights.






Morning Workouts at The Way

October 3, 2012 in news


NEW! Morning training at The Way Martial Arts & Fitness


Join us for the perfect morning workout at The Way Martial Arts.

A perfect combination of CrossFit conditioning and Kickboxing skills provides a great workout to tone up, lose weight and learn new skills!

Starting at the new time of 10am, feel free to drop in anytime from 10-12:30 for a high energy morning workout that will wake up your body for the day!