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Top reasons to use a Full-body workou...


1. Smaller time commitment! Since full body workouts can be performed over the course of just two or three days a week, this allows more time for other obligations in your life. 2. Ideal for Fat-loss! If you’re looking for fat loss, then the perfect choice here is also full body workouts. Full body workouts […]

ITF Taekwondo & Hapkido at The W...

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2013 – Year of the abs!

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How to Get Flat Abs Like the quest for the Holy Grail, many people are on a mission to improve their abs. Luckily, lost abs can be found again with a little bit of effort. These nine simple exercises and lifestyle tips really work No. 1: Improve Your Posture Slouch and your stomach pooches. Straighten […]

The benefits of CrossFit and Martial ...

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Bored of the Health clubs? New years resolution already wearing thin? then maybe it’s time you joined The Way Martial Arts & Fitness programs, combining high intensity crossfit routines with exciting martial arts skills and training, you’ll never set foot in a health club again! CrossFit is a vigorous workout that combines weigh-lifting aerobics and gymnastics […]

Why choose Martial Arts over a health...


Why choose martial arts over a health club? The reality is, Martial Arts Training routines are not easy and fat doesn’t just disappear without any effort. One thing we can promise though is this: “We’ll never let you down!”. Whether you’re training in our Crossfit/Kick boxing classes, Crossfit/Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or Taekwondo classes, we […]

Stay Focused on your fitness resoluti...


Stay Focused on your fitness resolution!   1. Do an activity you enjoy!  And remember, there’s no rule that says you have to go to a health club, try Martial Arts instead! Instead of an hour staring at the wall of a health club while you slog it out on the treadmill why not join […]

Tuesdays & Fridays are now dedic...

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 Tuesdays & Fridays are now dedicated Padwork nights at The Way NEW! Join us to learn and train speed and power techniques. Tuesday and Friday ITF Training sessions at The Way are now dedicated padwork nights.          

Morning Workouts at The Way

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  NEW! Morning training at The Way Martial Arts & Fitness   Join us for the perfect morning workout at The Way Martial Arts. A perfect combination of CrossFit conditioning and Kickboxing skills provides a great workout to tone up, lose weight and learn new skills! Starting at the new time of 10am, feel free to […]

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E-ton River Tower 3, 855-3 Jayang-dong Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. 서울시 광진구 자양동 이튼타워리버 3차 B1층. It’s easy to find “The Way” Martial Arts, from Ttukseom Resort Station (Line 7), go out Exit 1. Cross the side street. You will see a big apartment complex with “Coffee the Sol” on the corner. This is the Eton Tower River 3 Building Complex (consisting of three apartment towers). ‘The Way’ Martial Arts & Fitness Center is in the basement.